Woodworking Tutorials

You love to work with your hands and that’s a good thing.  Few things in life match the satisfaction and enjoyment of creating something from nothing.

These Tutorials give you a detailed, step by step set of instructions that leaves nothing out.  Each Tutorial has dozens of small videos for a total of approximately 2 hours. (Internet connection required to view videos.)  The small videos vary from 2 to 3 minutes in length and are complemented by dozens of text pages and dozens of still photographs guiding you through the entire creative process.  

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The Garage Door Tutorial

Regular Garage Door Painted to Look Like Wood

Consider this, when you drive down the street in a residential area one of the main architectural features you see on each home is the garage door.  They are mostly white or painted the color of the home.

To have your garage door look like the richness of a real wood door enhances the appeal of your entire home and wins the admiration of the whole neighborhood.

An Expression of Love Tutorial

Be a Hero.  Create something special for Someone Special.

This Tutorial is about creating not only a beautiful and unique gift but it also is a part of you that you are giving.  It's a part of you that says I cherish you, I value you, I love you.

That is the warmth and intimacy of something created with your own hands as opposed to a 'product' pumped out by a robotic machine in a factory somewhere.

This Tutorial is another complete step by step demonstration showing how to create a small desktop or tabletop sculpture. Nothing is left out, no steps are skipped.  Each and every step is completely explained in written text, photographs and videos.

The title of the piece is, "Love Note". The tutorial shows you how to create a handwritten note of affection as a scroll that becomes part of the artwork.

Paint a Distressed Look on Kitchen Cabinets, Vanities and Furniture

This Tutorial is about how to paint a set of Kitchen Cabinets with what some call Shabby Chic, some call a Distressed Look, I call it the Painted Furniture Look because you can use this technique on furniture and vanities also.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home.  This look is a bold statement for sure.  But it can also rescue a set of cabinets that are old and chipped and give them that Designer Look.