1949 Pontiac

I completed creating a wood grain look on a double garage door last week.   The job came out great and the client loved it.

So one of the things that happen when I work on a garage door is I see what's in the garage.  Sometimes they are spotlessly clean and neat and sometimes when I open the door I can't even walk in they are so full of stuff.

Much to my delight when I opened this garage door I saw a completely restored 1949 Pontiac.  The homeowner restores old cars and kept this one for himself.  Check out those wheel skirts on the back, nice.  The top is chopped down some and painted a gloss white but the body is painted with a matt sheen.  At first I couldn't decide if I liked that or not but after looking at it for a few days I ended up really liking it, way cool.

Clean and perfect inside.

Not one spot of grease or dirt on the engine either.  I mean this car is immaculate.
It was great to see such attention to detail and pride in ownership of a classic American car.