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Flamingos, Flamingos, Flamingos, Large Contemporary Flamingo Canvas Painting

 I have to say, you either love Flamingos or you don't.  You love them, I just know you do also. And why not? I mean what's not to love? They are unusual yet beautiful.  Graceful in their gait and oh that color, fantastic.   You can now have this stunningly beautiful, very affordable large Flamingo wall art to enhance and beautify your home. Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home now.    I have painted and sold dozens of Flamingo paintings through the years.  This piece is titled, 'Perfect Balance'.  The title refers not only to how a Flamingo can stand tall on one leg but how balanced the overall composition of the work is.  I think it's perfect in everyway.  I am so happy to be able to offer this work to you ready to install in your home.  Reproduced and stretched on canvas with all archival materials, this stunning artwork will bring life to any room in your home. One thing about my art that works in your favor is that my paintings are one of a kind. You

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