Robert Schott

 Artwork created with you in mind.  

The biggest feedback I get from folks who have purchased my artwork is that it makes them feel good, plain and simple, it makes them feel good to have the work in their home or business and be able to see it everyday. Please take a look at my blog for the latest work I have created.

I think it's fair to say that most people love to take a walk-in nature. My bet is you do too. It might be local park or a national park but just getting out, breathing the fresh air and surrounding yourself with the natural world is a blessing. A walk in the natural world relieves anxiety, releases endorphins and overall contributes to an increase in well-being. No wonder so many people make the effort to get outdoors.

three pelicans and several roseate spoonbills wading

How many times have you been outdoors enjoying an activity no matter what it was, boating, hiking, walking, just anything and after felt that wonderful feeling of being invigorated and replenished. There is a healing energy there for your mind, body and soul and we all intuitively know that.

That is why the most popular artwork, year after year, for people to have in their homes and place of business is landscape and wildlife paintings that display a reverence for the natural world. A simple glance gives you healing energy and inner peace as the art takes you, for however briefly, to that natural world experience. 

Great Blue Heron standing in a pond with lilies

three flamingos painting by robert schott