metallic signage

I had a little one day job yesterday painting two signs, one on the front and one on back of a building.

Actually the entire job took longer than one day. I first had to lay it out on paper then transfer it to the walls. That was about a half day's work. Then it took a day to paint it on.

In the first picture you see how I approached the project. After laying it out on the wall I painted the first layer of the logo with a dark brown coat. The lettering is solid black and I was happy it only took two coats to get solid. Sometimes it takes three.

I then painted over the dark brown with an antique bronze metallic paint. Then I made the individual tiles seem 3-d by painting the edges black. To do this you have to have a direction from which the light would come. So the actual light fixture on the building there I shadowed in the left and bottom sides of each tile. Notice how much of a difference it makes from the first picture to the second. I repeated this exactly on the front of the building.