Art Installation

Cathy has created a wonderful piece of artwork for an outside courtyard area at a local hospital. This area is a space created for cancer patients. I constructed the six panels and Cathy painted the image on them. Each panel is 32 inches square.

Cathy also painted a stone border to two planter areas in the courtyard. The first picture is the blank concrete canvas she had to work with.

The next two photos show the stone borders.

The last photo shows a arched panel 54 inches wide that she painted and we install above the doorway that leads outside of the courtyard area. The wood 'plank' below the painted arched piece is painted directly on the block wall.


  1. Beautiful shading on the rocks. But...oh how your knees must hurt.

    I wish all painting jobs were within the shoulder to hip height only, the back and knees would last longer.

  2. Knees and back but in this case Cathy actually pulled some muscles in her ribs. Ouch!


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