Garage Doors On The Beach

Well, I finished up the garage doors and outside walls of the new garage addition today. I put a good exterior clear coat over everything to ensure the longest lasting results I could.

The first photo is after I had primed the garage walls and primed and started the first coats of the door.

As you can see I first paint a pumpkin color over the door. This gives the final product a warm wood glow. Then I paint on the first brown color.

After that I paint on the second brown color which is nothing more than adding black to the first brown.

After the garage door was complete I painted the outside garage walls to match the walls of the home.

The last picture shows a close up of the door. Notice the nice warm glow of the wood.


  1. Hi There!

    I am looking to faux finish over my existing stained orangy pine cabinets. Do you recommend sanding all the stain off first or is there an easier way to finish the cabinets. I just want to give them a dark walnut color with the darker antique trim as you have done on the garage door in the image you posted. I would appreciate any advice you could give. Please email if you have any input for me.

    Thank You,
    Dawn Nakaya-Delk

  2. Beautiful and realistic finish! Did you use glaze plus paint over your base coat? Just brushing on? Wish you lived in this area...nice work!

  3. yes, I used a glaze with the paint. For exterior work I use a product called Floetrol. Very inexpensive and can be bought anywhere paint products are sold.

    Then I put a good exterior clear topcoat over that. Varathane makes a good waterbased clear exterior top coat.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I was searching for info hoping to finish my garage doors when I finally found your blog,inspirational to say the least. I have used a simular technique while staning pine wood for stereo speaker stands in the past using just a foam brush and different color of stains to hide the awful natural open grain of the pine with good results. Please could you give me clues to the brand/color of the paints used in this projct,it is Exactly the color I was wanting. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  5. I love your garage door faux! I would like to do mine and have a couple questions-
    1.My door is 20 yrs old with a good condition latex paint on it. Do I need to prime it with Fresh Start or can I just start with the basecoat? Do I need to do both a primer and basecoat even if the primer is tinted?
    2.When doing the Java and Java/black grain coats do I use a paint brush to simulate the grain patterns? Is there some wiping technique used?
    3. Can I use the same technique on a painted metal entry door?
    4. Can I use a non Benjamin Moore paint?
    5. What sheen paint do you recommend? Flat, satin, etc?
    6. Is any black water based paint OK?

  6. 1. after 20 years I would clean the door thoroughtly with amonia and water and a scrub brush.
    2. I have just used a tinted primer coat myself but that is why I like the ben moore fresh start as it has a deep tint base so you can get deep colors with it.
    3. I like ben moore paint for these door projects and i prefer a satin sheen but some like semi-gloss
    4. email me - and I will email you back full instructios


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