rectangle pattern

I have been working in a condo unit on the 15th floor. The unit is in downtown Tampa and over looks the Hillsbough river.

I have done quite a bit of work there. I applied a three color glaze on all the walls in the dining area, kitchen and living room area. I painted the two columns in the foyer area a slightly distressed silver. Painted some niches in the dining area and painted the cabinets in the masterbath to match the bedroom furniture.

But the realllllllllly nice i did was under the bar and the backsplash.
check out the photos. It has great overlapping and transparent rectangles painted with 5 different colors and silver metallic then an over glaze of gold veil shimmer. The subtleties of the gold veil and metallics don't photograph well but you get the idea.

This is a really high teck look in the condo from the silver columns to the fantastic flooring - which unfortunately you can't see well from these photos.


  1. Gorgeous!
    I think you should paint the cabinets now. They are kind of out
    of place.
    Don't mind me, I have been doing Faux for over 20 yrs and am an Interior Designer by trade but just enjoy doing Faux now.
    Your work is beautiful!
    Love, Goldie

  2. I would have liked to but I was working with a designer on this one and...

  3. I Love it! I have almost the same exact area in the front of my kitchen and am thinking about doing this. Did you paint shape on shape, let dry and shape on shape again? Wonderful job!

  4. I first laid out the big rectangles with a yard stick and a watercolor pencil. I like to use watercolor pencils because you can 'erase' the lines easy enough with a damp rag.

    After its laid out I tape off whatever rectangles I can and paint those in.

    with spaces that are next to each other you have to wait for one to dry so you can tape the other.

    to speed this up I use a hairdryer. it will dry the paint very quickly. I also only use the 'delicate surfaces' tape so the tape won't pull up the paint.

    After all the spaces are painted in and dry I then tape off some rectangles that overlap what I have already done. I then paint them in but very transparently so yo can see them sitting on top of the one underneath.


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