Barrel Ceiling Faux Painted

I have been working on several ceiling areas the past week, a dining room, a foyer and some smaller areas. Next week I will be working on the living room ceiling. The living room and the foyer ceiling are 25 feet in heigth. The highest point in the curved dining room ceiling is about 14 feet.

The ceilings started out white. First I primed them, then painted them a solid sage green. When that dried I applied 2 glazes coats. The first was a glaze using Sherwin-Williams Java, that is a fairly dark brown, the second glaze coat I mixed the green with some black. A closer view. So when you use a solid color base and 2 color glazes you can see three colors in the finished product.

The next picture shows the foyer ceiling but only after the sage green base is up. It takes 3 levels of scaffolding to reach the ceiling.