Faux Painting On Ceiling Complete

I finished up the ceiling work this week. Now its off to the doctor to get an alignment to my neck.
Here's some pictures. The first here is of the completed foyer ceiling.

These next two are the living room ceiling.


  1. Beautiful work, I love a builder who loves trays! What did you use to create your look? Not looking for spacifics just a general description.

  2. Because the ceiling was new the first thing I did was to prime it. Then I applied a light sage green base coat.

    Then I applied a one color glaze using a Sherwin-Williams color Java , which is medium to dark brown.

    I make the glaze by mixing in the paint to the glaze in a 1 part paint to 10-12 parts glaze. (by the way I use benjamin-moore latex glaze.)

    once the first coat of glaze dries I applied another glaze coat using the sage green but with a little black mixed into it, not much just a little to darken it up some.

    Then I applied that glaze over top the first glaze coat.


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