Front Door Painted Like Wood Planks

Worked on my own front door today. I thought I was going to work on a job but stayed home instead. Been wanting to do something with the front door and finally got off to a good start. The door was white before I started. First I painted it a very rich yellow, almost an orange yellow, then used a deep reddish brown and then a black brown. The idea is to make it look like aged wood planks. Cathy is going to paint some big black hinges on it soon to complete the look.

The window area was a job. It was faced out with some very small trim wood. So I took that off and put this one by four around it. I distressed the one by four by knocking it around some and then put it up. I chalked all around it and then primed it before painting.

I did the garage door one day last week. It was the same color as the house before I started. It looks sooooooooo much better painted to look like wood than painted just the color of the house.


  1. Man that does look good! unfortunately, i am no good at painting, but good for you.

  2. Do you have a tutorial on how you made this door look like planks?

    1. No, sorry. No tutorial on that. It is similar to the garage door tutorial but not the same. I painted each plank one at a time by taping them off. So I measured the width of the door and divided by 5 then penciled off the planks.

      Then I taped off every other one. So I starting from the left I had the first one read to paint then the second one was taped off but the third one was ready to paint, the fourth one was taped off but the fifth one was read to paint. So I painted those three first. When those dried I taped them off and painted in the last two. I only use the yellow frog tape for taping off.

    2. Thank you for your quick response. This door looks amazing. I cannot wait to try it!


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