1950"s Era Soda Shop Mural Complete!

I finished the Soda Shop mural and it came out great. The clients loved it and asked me to do some more work in their new home.

My only disappointment is that I can never seem to get an accurate picture of the wall work. Its because I am not a great photographer and the lighting in a room is always off in one way another. The colors aren't true espeically in this mural (oh well). Using the flash mostly creates a flash point on the wall. I do the best I can but like this mural the actual piece is so much better than the pictures indicate. The mural is 5.5 feet high and 20 feet long.

The mural is on a wall opposite the counter in this recreation of a 50's soda shop. Its suppose to be like you are looking out the window at the town square. The town square is based on the movie 'Back to the Future' with the actual courthouse being used and other elements fromt the movie.