Mural With 50's Era Cars

Long time no post but I have been working on my novel and it takes a tremendous amount of time.

I started a new blog about that at

I have been working on a mural the last 2 weeks. The mural is 5.5 feet high and 20 feet wide. This first picture shows the whole mural.

I probably have 2 days left on it to complete. The wall is in a room designed to be a soda shop. The mural is based on the town square of the 'Back to the Future' movie. I have painted in the courthouse with the clock at 5 after 10. Got the reference material for that off the web.

Three autos are from left to right a 47 ford, a 57 chevy and a 54 ford wagon. And yes I know that in the movie it was 55 but the client likes the 57 chevy. The booth seating in the soda shop is made to be like the seats in a 57 chevy.

The 54 ford on the right is really not that bright of a color but the digital camera decided to depict it like that.

I put the finishing touches on the 47 ford today by painting a driver with his arm hanging out the window. The client loved it.

I plan on painting in several people walking the sidewalks and most likely going up the steps of the courthouse before its all done. At this point its going to have to wait until after Christmas.