Concrete Kitchen Counter Top Painted Like Marble

I worked on and mostly finished a concrete countertop. The homeowner made a great countertop out of concrete. I have to say they a super job. For various reasons they ended up not using an acid stain to color it and called me in to do something.
I painted the counter to look like granite/marble incorperating the colors of the cabinet and other elements in the kitchen. The backsplash has yet to be installed.


  1. Beautiful work, such talent! I have a metal front door with ingrained pits, I guess to look like wood. I wanted to finish it like wood. How do you determine which wood color finish looks best with your house? My brick is light red, pink, with a little pale purple and gray grout. It's a large house with a small, single front door with an oval leaded glass window in the middle. Something dark brown almost black -starting with my gutter color with a light black glaze coar - or would you pull an orange base like you did on the garage. I'm having the house painted next week, soft grayish white for the trim and an awesome BM color for the gutters and downspouts - dark copper black/brown CW121. Thanks. Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I would probably use a mahogany color for the door. If you email me at I will send you written instructions for painting the door.


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