Wine Store Mural

I got started on a mural this week for a new store. The store sells wine and cheese, it has a bar and a few tables inside. Outside there is a corridor that is approximately 15 feet wide and 35 feet long. I am painting a mural on each wall of that space. The wine cellar has several tables set up there so patrons can sit and enjoy a glass of wine over good conversation.

The walls are stucco with a sand finish. Around the doors and widows there is a stucco relief trim. I first painted that trim to look like wood. Then I aged the walls. I am now painting large stones around the doors and windows. I have most of one wall done with the stones but after I finish the stones I will go revisit them again to put the shadowing in.

Inside the stone arch (below) I will paint the lettering "Inveno Veritas" - In wine there is truth. You can see in this photo how much the stones need to have the shadowing in. Right now they look like they are floating on over the wall and not anchored to it.