Tuscany Landscape Mural Complete

I finished the Tuscany landscape mural today. The last two days have been rough with the rain and wind. The mural itself is in an exposed hallway area so it gets high relative humidity while it rains.

Monday I started painting on it at about 9 am or so. By 2 the paint was still not drying. So I packed it in and went home thinking it would dry sooner or later. Well the next morning I got there and not only did it not dry, most of what I had done Monday had melted and ran down the wall.

It was still raining and luckily it was because the melted paint was still wet. So I was able to wipe it off and start over. It took until 12:30 to get back to where I was the day before.

Today was absolutely gorgeous and painting went great. I finished up and put 2 coats of a clear exterior sealer on it.

So as you enter the hallway I painted on both sides of it. The walls are 11 feet high and the width of the hall way is 12 feet. Each side is 35 feet long.

This first shot is to the left as you enter the hallway. This is the wine storage room I painted.

The second shot is the side entry door to the wine store.

The next shot shows the pass thru window. The bar is right inside the window to the right and wine gets passed out to the seating in the hallway. "Inveno Veritas" is latin for In Wine There is Truth.

There is one more door on this wall, an electrical closet.

The big landscape part is on the oppsite wall where I had a 20 by 11 space to work with. The arched stone opening is 6 feet high and 12 feet wide. I am sure if I were better at photoshop I could get rid of the light spot in the center from the flash but...

A close up view of the wine bottle and glasses. I took advantage of the label on the wine bottle and that's where I signed the mural. You can see the texture on the wall pretty good on the right side of this shot.


  1. This is emarkable! What a great theme throughout the murals. Nice work, Robert.

  2. By the way your work is very nice !! just have one question regarding the painting of the garage door.
    What are you using to apply the paint?

  3. I use a brush to apply the paint. It helps if the brush is old because the bristles of the brush create the grain pattern.


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