Hand Rubbed Tuscany Wall Texture

Still working on the great room. I am applying a hand rubbed Tuscany wall texture to the walls in the great room, kitchen and pantry.

I tried to take a couple of pictures to show how the wall texture is done but its very difficult to get good wall pictures of this but never-the-less.

I am using joint compound for the texture material. I apply it with a trowel in a random pattern. After it dries I sand it down to get rid of the sharp edges. In the first picture I try to show the texture on the wall before sanding. In the second picture its after I sanded it down. All the sharp edges are gone and what you get are smooth variations in the texture. I have one more wall to sand down then the walls can be primed and basecoated before I apply the faux finish to them.

The house is full of trade workers all day so I am trying to work around everyone. Typically that means I have to leave something and then get back to it when I can so I have several places I am working on at once. The trusses are one of those areas. In the next picture you can see the progress there. I have primed, basecoated and now puting on the first coat of wood grain paint.