Cabinets Painted

I put the finishing touches on a kitchen cabinet painting project.  To finish off the kitchen I painted some wainscoting and installed it at the appropriate locations.

The kitchen cabinets where natural oak.  See the picture above.  The idea was to lighten up the kitchen cabinets.  The entire kitchen was remodeled except for the granite counter tops.

In the picture above you can see the difference painting the kitchen cabinets can make.  Notice the new stainless steel range and microwave too.  Also the flooring was changed out to ceramic tile.

In the next two pictures you can really notice a big difference.  Nice new stainless steel refrigerator to compliment the new look cabinets.

The two following pictures will show you some detail of the piping done.  Two shots of the same cabinet doors.

These next two shots I took while I had the doors in my studio working on them.  The coloring doesn't look like the photo above but its the same color in real life.  The lighting makes a huge difference when taking these photos.  In the close-ups you can really see the two piping lines I painted in.  I actually had to paint each line twice.  Once very dark and then a lighter larger width line over that.

If you look up top at the photo of the kitchen before I started you'll see where under the bar area was flat natural oak with no defining characteristics.  So the home owner had a great idea to install in those areas some painted wainescoting.  I painted the wainescoting with the dark piping and installed it around the bar and at one other location.