Faux Paint Exterior of Home

For the last few days I have been working on faux painting the exterior of a home.  To do this I first scrubbed down the exterior walls to clean the surface.  The home is a Mediterranean style and its located on the intercoastal waterway in St. Pete Beach.  Homes on the water can take quite a beating with the normal amount of sun here in Florida and then add the reflected sun from the water it can put a real beat down on a home's walls.

So after I cleaned the walls real well I applied a coat of conditioner/primer.  After the conditioner dried I applied the basecoat of paint then started the faux painting.  As you can see from the pictures this home has a really great texture that was created for the walls.  So what I am doing is to apply the faux color and then wiping back on the high areas of the texture.

In this picture I show the tools I am using to do this techinque.  I have my paint tray there with a 6 inch roller and a 2 1/2 inch angled brush with a cotton rag to wipe off the paint.   I am using the paint right out of the can without mixing any glazing into it.

Got the first little wall done. 

Then the second one.

Havnig gotten the stroke down as it were I moved to the water side.  In this first picture you can see the basically blank slate I had to start.  I am standing out at the end of dock to take this photo.

This next one is after several hours of work.  This back side of the home gets the morning sun as it faces east.  So I have to wait til about noon before I can start to work on it.  If I try to faux paint in direct sunlight it dries too fast and becomes extremely difficult to get a consistent look without getting overlap lines.

I made it to the end of the wall on the right side there but only above the windows.  Tomorrow is another day and I will finish this water side of the home then.