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I completed another garage door painting project this month in Tampa.  I painted this metal garage door and metal front door to look like wood.  The matching doors came out great and the client was very pleased.

This door was painted to look like a rich mahogany wood.  For the specific written instructions on how I go about this click on the garage door tutorial tab in the header of this blog.  A few of the intermediate steps below.

I forgot to take a picture of the front door when it was finished but here is one in progress.


  1. Please help I just woodgrained my garage door and unknowingly used an oil based spar is there anything that can be done before it starts peeling?

  2. I have in the last 2 years refurbished 5 garage doors that were top coated with an oil based sealer. The sealer cracked and the paint peeled down to the metal. What I did was scrap off as much as I could and then started from scratch and repainted the door correctly.

    However I did 2 doors before they got that bad. They were just starting to crack. So I lightly sanded them and used the 'Modern Masters MasterClear' over them with two coats. One door has been about 3 years and is still looking good. So if you catch it early enough you will most likely be ok.

    I would wait a couple of months to make sure the oil based topcoat is really cured. Then lightly sand and seal with the Modern Masters.

    Every case I refurbished a garage door because of an oil top coat the door owner was advised wrongly. Its too bad but most people don't realize oil based products on the garage door will void the warrenty of the door mainly because they don't work and crack and peel the paint down to the metal.

    But my experience is if you use the modern masters masterclear you will make out ok.

    hope this helps.

  3. Beautiful garage door but i would like to know also the paint color on the walls thank you.

    1. Sorry, but I do not know the color of the walls. I didn't paint the walls, only the garage door but it looks like a warm grey.


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