Create Wood Grain On Doors

This week in St. Petersburg, I painted three doors to look like wood.  Two of the doors had little panels and the other one more of a wood plank look.  The paneled doors take much longer to paint as you can imagine.  Each door had 10 panels.

The first picture you can see how I taped off the panels and in the second you can see how they look after two passes of the wood grain colors.  I employ the same technique on these doors as on a garage door.

The third picture shows the compeleted double doors.

I actually like the wood pattern in this third door much better than the panel door look.  The first picture shows the basecoat color I use.  The second picture shows the center planks completed and the third picture is the compeleted door.  After all the doors where done I applied two coats of a clear arcylic uv sealer to them.


  1. Gorgeous rich color! What colors did you use here?? I am so excited to try this!

    1. On these doors I used SW (Sherwin Williams) Tatami Tan as a base coat paint, then SW Fiery Brown for the layer of brown wood grain, Then SW Turkish Coffee for the second and darker brown layer.


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