Getting Started On Faux Wood Grain

I started on a new garage door job in Tampa yesterday.  I got the door cleaned, primed and base coat painted first day.  First photo is showing the door primed and half done with the base coat.

In the next photo you can how I tape off the center panels.  I use a lot of tape doing garage doors.  For a double door like this I use about 2.5 rolls of tape.  I always use the tape for delicate surfaces.

This last photo is how far I got today.  That's a lot of work for one day.  I have applied 2 coats of the wood grain color so all that you see was painted over twice.  I use two coats, one a medium brown and one a much darker brown on top of that.  I will paint in the vertical spaces and end caps tomorrow and then apply 2 coats of a clear uv sealer.