Small Sculpture Pieces

I have been developing new artwork in form of small sculpture pieces.  These are going to be centered around the theme of building materials and found objects.  I like the idea of using lumber and different objects I have found while walking on the beach.  I have been making mobiles with the objects I have found on the beach but these new pieces are going to be free standing sculptures.

Here are some peliminary shots of the individual elements going into them.

In the first one here I am using 2 by 4's and large bolts.  I plan to paint the wood but leave the hardware as is.

In this second photo it shows five pieces of driftwood I picked up on the beach.  After cleaning them up and drying them out I primed them and painted them to look like metal.  I like the idea of having them look like sculpted metal.  They will be used as attachments to the 2 by 4's.

The next two photos show close-ups of the finished wood pieces.  For now I am using a technique that gives them an aged bronzed and tarnished silver look.