New Found Object Sculpture Artwork

I finished up creating a new sculpture this week.  It is titled 'The Stone'.  This piece measures 23 inches high by 8 inches wide and is 4 inches deep.  This piece of art was hand painted and created with found objects (from the beaches of Tampa Bay at Fort Desoto Park), lumber, hardware, copper and tumbled marble. 

I found the perfect piece of driftwood and the absolutely perfect stone for this sculpture on the beach in the same day.  Great finds for a great walk on the beach.

This free standing piece of artwork has no front or back, its complete from any angle you view it.  This first picture shows the side where the perfect stone is embedded and attached with copper wire.

This next picture is opposite the stone side.  You can see the patinaed copper inlay on this side.

The next picture is a full on side view oppsite the driftwood piece.

I slight angle of same side.

Another slightly different view of the copper inlay side.

Full on side view of the driftwood side.

A slightly angled view of the driftwood side.  (The top of the driftwood got cropped in this shot somehow, oops.)