Painting Horizontal Stripe Pattern On Walls

I finished up painting a three color horizontal stripe pattern on the walls of a bedroom this week.  One of the nice things about this job was that the clients had not moved in yet so the room was empty and that makes the work so much easier.  I use a laser level to mark off the horizontal stripes and then tape them off.  I got some bleed under but that can't be helped when the walls have some texture on them.  I just went back after the tape came off and cleaned up any bleed under spots.  Really nice color combination makes this room look great.


  1. I think this looks amazing. I really like the different widths you used. Could you tell me how high their ceilings were and what size stripes you used?

  2. The ceilings were a standard eight feet high. I am not sure how wide each stripe is. But what I think I did was measure the distance between the top of the base molding and the crown and then divided that by 5. 3 of those areas are the light blue and the other 2 are the dark blue and white. The vertical height of the dark blue and white stripes it looks like I divided 4 into that area and the darker stripe is twice as wide as each white one. Hope this helps.


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