New Look The Kitchen Cabinets

I have been working on faux painting some kitchen cabinets for the last three weeks.  Painting kitchen cabinets is the most labor intensive project that I take on.  It takes lots of time to go thru all the steps you need to do in other to get the job done right, plus you never know what you are going to run into once you get started.

I am going to make a series of posts on this project because to try and talk about them in one post would be a very long post.

First off lets take a look at what they looked like before I started.

As you can see the kitchen cabinets have knots in the wood and they have a sort of 'country' feel about them.  The home itself has a Mediterranean style architecture a common style of home in the Tampa Bay area.  This next photo is a shot of the same section after I created a faux finish.

As you can see we decided to lighten up the cabinets quite a bit and get rid of the 'country' look altogether.  I finished the cabinets with a 'hand rubbed' look using a rust colored brown for the glaze.  Its a very subtle look which is hard to photograph.  I used the routed edges of the center panels to add the dark rust brown to give it a sort of piping look.  You can also see the new marble countertop in the photo above.  You can only see the edge now but in later posts I will have more of it.  Notice how nice the rope molding came out using this technique.

The rope molding is also part of the crown molding up top at the ceiling.

Like I said I am going to make a series of posts going thru the steps of creating this new look for these kitchen cabinets.