Creating and Installing Custom Bar Legs

Last month I completely refinished a kitchen by creating a faux finish over the existing kitchen cabinets and painting the walls.

New marble countertops were installed also and part of that installation was an overhang for a small bar area.  I created a trim piece and painted the rope piano legs to match the kitchen cabinets.

In order to create the trim piece I used a 1 by 8 pine board from home depot.  I cut the end pieces and then the front length then scrolled a curve on all of the three pieces.  Then used my router and routed an edge on them.

After I got the three pieces cut and routed I assembled them together with glue and my nail gun then primed.  The next two photos show the work together and primed but upside down.

After basecoating and faux finishing the trim piece and the legs to match the kitchen cabinets I installed them.  It came out looking great and adds extra support for the marble overhang.