New Mobile Sculpture

I finished a new kinetic art piece.  I really love creating these pieces.  This was a commission piece and was sent off to Virginia.  It measures approximately 24 inches wide and 32 inches high.  I made the piece with steel and copper wire using objects I found.  Mostly I found the objects on the shores of Tampa Bay except for the Cherub which I found hanging on my fence.

The left side has a bound shell at the top.

Kind of a top down view.

This was a cool idea.  I put an eye bolt in the right side at the top and then just set a bolt in there.  The bolt is removable.  I added this to balance out the piece so it wold hang with the top being level.  So I used different sized bolts until I found one that would balance out the whole piece.

The namesake for the piece is a ceramic Cherub that is bound by copper wire.

Some bound shells and rocks.