Paint Front Door To Look Like Wood In Tampa

I was able to finish up a project today in Tampa.  I painted the front door to look like wood.  The door was cracking and peeling off the finish it had so the first thing I had to do was scrape and sand.  I spent the entire first day getting the door ready.  Because of the deep trim around the panels I had to do all the prep work by hand as power tools would not work out.  Anyway I got it as best I could and then primed the door and base coated it a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty.

These first two pictures show the door after I have begun the work of painting it to look like wood.  You can see the toasty base coat color which is a golden tan.  These pictures also show how much tape I use in the process.  Because I do not want any overlapping paint strokes I tape off each area I wood grain.  I use two colors for the wood grain so I after I tape off I paint on the first color then let dry and paint on the second color.

You can see that process in the two pictures with the panels on the door.

These next five pictures are the panel areas.  I really like this door and way it came out.  Its one of the best wood grain painting projects I have ever done.  The color brown is a Sherwin Williams called Terra Brun.  The second color and very dark brown is SW Turkish Coffee with about 15% black mixed in.  The Turkish Coffee is not quite dark enough for me.

This next picture is a good example of why I use so much tape.  I can only get the grain to look right if I tape off the area and then use a paint stroke that keeps going over the tape.  Then when you peel the tape off it looks like a cut piece of wood.

This next picture is after the first day of painting on the wood grain.  I could only get the 16 panels done in one day.  The entire job took me 6 working days but one of those days was a half day due to a rain out.  Yes, those lions are bronze.

So today I finished up the project and sealed it with a clear uv sealer.  The door came out great and the clients loved it.  Even when you walk right up to it you can't tell its not wood.  Painting the door like this will last much longer than having a wood door and using an exterior poly over it.  Most doors that get a lot of sun like this one need to be sanded and re coated almost every year.  This door should now last many years maintenance free.


  1. You did a wonderful job on the door!
    I would like to do this with the interior doors plus trim in my house.
    They are all flat doors, no panels.
    For the flat parts of the door did you use small width tape, paint the darker color, let dry, and then strip off tape strips?
    If so, how many inches between each tape strip did you do?


    1. When I paint doors that have no panels instead of painting them to look like a big piece of plywood I divide them into planks by taping off individual vertical planks. Look at the door from the link below and in the last picture you can see more what I am talking about. I divided the door into 5 vertical planks by taping off and painting in every other one. From left to right I did like this. I taped off the second plank and fourth plank, that way I could paint the first, third and fifth plank at one time. When they dried I taped off those off so I could paint the second and fourth ones. I painted the planks just like I do everything else as explained in the tutorial from the menu above.


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