Create A Wood Grain On Garage

I finished painting a garage door to look like wood in Clearwater, Florida this past month.  I also painted the back door to look like wood to match the garage door.  In this first picture you can see the progress as I am pretty far along.  At this point I have already cleaned, primed and basecoated the doors.  Then I have painted the center panels and then some to look like wood.  I wanted to show the taping off I do to paint the vertical areas between the center panels.  It looks more realistic if you paint them with a vertical grain as that is the way it would be if the garage door where made of real wood.

In this next photograph I wanted to show how much better it looks when you do what I call 'picture frame' the center panels.  At this point the garage door is finished being painted to look like wood and I have picture framed the top two rows of panels.  To me this gives the door a much better look.  You can easily compare the difference looking at this photograph.

The last photograph shows the finished garage door painted like wood.


  1. Amazing! I am going to attempt to do something like this with my front door tomorrow. Is this the mahogany color?

  2. Yes, I used a SW color called True Penny (orangeish) for the basecoat color, then SW Fiery Brown for the first color brown and then I mixed black in turkish coffee for the second dark color brown.

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