Painting To Match Cast Stone

I have been working on a home that is a little north of Tampa.  This beautiful home is getting a total makeover, new roof and painted inside and out.  Around the doors and windows there is cast stone. In this first picture you can see the back of the house. There are 7 ten foot columns on the ground floor and 3 more columns on the second floor balcony.  I am faux painting all those and the block frame work above them to match the existing cast stone. (notice the tiles stacked on the roof ready to install)

This next photo is the front entrance.  I have painted the stone work on the portico.
There is nice fountain area off to the left of the front entrance.  All this stone here I have painted to match the cast stone.
This next photo is a better shot of the painting I have done.  The cast stone has very subtle color variations in it so the painting I am creating requires a blending of those colors in such a way as to simulate the actual stone.  Let me say here that I am not painting on stone.  I am painting on stucco that was troweled to look like stone and then with the painting effect I am creating it looks exactly like the existing cast stone.

Most of the exterior of the home is brick but all around the home on all the exterior walls there is this 3-4 foot high skirt with a stone ledge above it.  So I am painting all that to match the stone.  Its hard for me to get a good photo of the actual work as the color changes are so subtle but in this next photograph you can see on the left side of the vertical crack where I have painted and on the right side is just the basecoat color I put on.  Notice what I have created matches the stone above it.
The next two photos show completed sections with the subtle tone and color variations.



  1. Awesome job. Your so kind to share your work


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