Started On a New Industrial Sculpture

I started on a new sculpture piece yesterday and today.   I have been looking at a pile of cut off 2 by 4's I have laying around and got some inspiration to try a new piece.  I am going to call it 'Cityscape'.  At first I arranged 12 pieces in a group.  Then I cut some shorter and cut a few angles in also. 


When I got it the way I wanted I broke out the belt sander and went to work smoothing out all the corners and making them more interesting.  Of course I had to rearrange the blocks as I saw a better balance.

At this point I am still not satisfied and spotted a 2 by 6 piece I had so I took one of the 2 by 4's and put that in the group.

  I primed all the wood.  I am using lumber from a big box store and as smooth as it gets after sanding there are still areas where the wood is so soft you really can't sand it smooth.  So after the primer is dried it becomes hard, harder than the wood so then I sand it again and the surface becomes very smooth.
 Tinkering, tinkering, tinkering.  I think I like this last arrangement and will probably go with it.  Next step will be to paint each block and then assemble them together permanently with nails and lag bolts.  I need to make a base for it also.