Faux Paint Front Doors To Look Like Wood

I started on a new project this week.  It is painting 2 front doors to look like wood.  The first thing I do with all my projects like this one is clean the doors really well.  Then I lightly sand the doors all over and then I tack the doors getting all the sanding dust off them.  You want to clean the doors well before you sand because if you do not you end up sanding dirt and grim into the existing paint job and that is no good.

Here is a picture of the doors when I started and as you can see they were a dark green.

So after being cleaned and primed.

Then I applied the base coat color which is True Penny a SW color.

Tomorrow I will start to wood grain the panels.  There are 10 panels on each door. I am faux wood painting both sides of each door so that is 20 panels to paint like wood. I like to paint the panels first then the areas between the panels.  I do not think I can get all 20 panels done in one day but I'll give it a go and we'll see.


  1. Thank you for your great, detailed tutorials, just the 2 projects I would like to start doing on the house I am buying, main door and garage doors. Hope I can pull it off.

    Thanks a lot,


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