Faux Wood Grain Front Door

In the last 2 days I was able to strip off all the layers of paint on the exterior of the front doors and get them ready to paint like wood.  It looks to me like there were 6 layers of paint on them and I got the doors back to the original surface of having no paint on them at all.  It was quite the messy job and required mostly using the Smartstrip but then after I got down to about 2% of paint left on here and there so I sanded the rest off.  Before sanding I took some Krud Kutter and cleaned off any residue of the SmartStrip then sanded.  Whatever was left on came off right away.  The biggest challenge with this type of work is working on the panels and the trim around the windows.  Lots of scrapping and sanding there.

Then I wiped off any sanding dust and primed.

After priming I applied the base coat color of SW Toasty.  I am also painting the interior of the doors to look like wood but the existing surface on the interior was fine so I did not have to strip it.  I did however prime and apply the base coat color there also.   So a long 3 day Labor Day weekend and then on Tuesday I will start the wood graining process.