Painting Paneled Front Entry Doors To Look Like Wood

Yesterday I had a great day today.  I got all 20 panels on the front doors painted to look like wood.  I am very happy with the amount of work I got done on these doors yesterday.  The first thing I did when I got to the home was tape of each panel. I do this the same way I tape off a garage door when I paint them to look like wood. Taping off takes a couple of hours by itself.

After the panels where taped off I applied the first color of brown which is Terra Brun from SW.  Then when that dried I applied the second color of wood grain which I got from mixing black into the Terra Brun about one to one.  After I got all the panels done I removed the tape. 
You can see by the picture that follows I am off to a good start.


  1. nice work again! what were the colors used here? base/Terra Brun/?

    1. The base coat color is a Sherwin Williams color called True Penny and the Brown is Terra Brun for the first pass then I mix black about 1:1 in for the second pass.


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