Faux wood grain island in kitchen.

I have been working on an island in a completely remodeled kitchen.  I am painting the bead board to look like the new cabinets which are very dark wood grain.  So first I primed the board then sanded and applied the basecoat.  Before I applied the basecoat and after the primer dried I had to fill all the nail holes and other imperfections.  Then when the filler dried I sanded the whole thing down.

Before painting on the base coat of paint I had to determine what color of brown I wanted.  To do that I have to try and imagine what color of brown to use under the black I am going to brush on over it.  I thought I had it right but after it dried I needed to add a bit of some other brown I had to get it right.  That happens a lot when I do not know the base coat color but have to guess.  I usually get real close but sometimes I have to add a little of this or that to get it right.
I let the basecoat dry a day then I started to apply the black in a series of light glazes.  I went over it 4 times to get the island dark enough to match the new cabinets that you can see against the wall.  I go light at first because I can always add more to make it darker but once its too dark then you are sunk, there is no way to make it lighter at that point.  You have to start over to make it lighter so I do not want to do that.

With the glare coming in from some sliding glass doors it was hard to get a realistic picture of how dark the cabinets are but this last shot is pretty close.  Next step for these cabinets are the granite counter tops.