New Ebook Tutorial

I have exciting news about painting a garage door to look like wood.

I have started to work on a new tutorial about how to paint a garage door to look like wood.  This is going to be an ebook and will be published in a pdf format.  There are several reasons for using pdf as a format over an epub but I am not going to get into all that but the main reason is a pdf can be opened on all devices; desktop pc, laptop pc, tablet, smartphone. 

This extensive tutorial will have a lot of photographs as well as a lot of videos explaining and showing the exact steps I take to paint a typical steel paneled garage door to look like wood.  The text and photographs will be in the pdf itself but the videos will be linked to youtube, so you will need an internet connection to view those.  I decided to create this tutorial like that to keep the overall file size at a minimum.  I could have embedded the videos in the pdf but then the file size would have been in the hundreds of mbs and then it becomes unwieldy. 

So I am excited about this new project and will post regularly about the progress on it.


  1. Wow... That looks Great! Really rich in color. xo

  2. I can't believe how great this looks. And so real! I have always wanted wooden garage doors but can't justify buying new ones (my steel ones are just fine) maybe I will do this! Can't wait to find out more!

  3. I should wait for the tutorial before I start faux my own garage doors. Is that Walnut or Mahogany faux finish?

    1. Its going to be a mahogany look in the tutorial but for other types of wood you just buy a different brown. Mahogany is the most popular then Walnut. For a mahogany look I use the SW Fiery Brown and for a Walnut Look I use SW Java. I will announce the tutorial when it is done.


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