Moving Along Nicely

I made some good headway yesterday with relief sculpture panels.  Painting them is going to take some time however.  Because the image is a relief design I first thought that I would be able to use a small foam roller and roll out the white.  That would have been great but not to be.  There is not enough relief involved plus parts have fallen off thru the years.  The panels are 90 years old and I can tell it is not the first time some one has worked on them.  There are gouges and nicks from previous clean ups that have been done.  So the only way to get it to look good is to brush on the white with artist brushes and of course it takes two coats to get the coverage needed.  I would estimate I got about 60% of the design painted in on both panels.  The lower part of the design does not have as much detail as the upper portion.  After the panels are done I will paint the 'frame' around them.  I need to get this done today because they are going to move the swing stage over to the next set of  panels tomorrow.