Rain Delay

With a rain out today and possibly tomorrow plus Thanksgiving weekend I am not going to get much done this week on the Vinoy project.   Yesterday, Cathy, my wife, took some photos with the telephoto lens.  The first three are me up on the swing stage.  It looks like I have a big white beard but that's my dust mask.  I was cleaning and grinding off the paint on the next two panels and it's quite the dusty operation.

There are three different designs on the eight panels.  Let's call them A, B, C.  So when you look at all eight panels across the front of the building and starting from left to right, the first two are design A, then design B, then two are design C, then design B again and then the last two are design A.
This first two photos show design A.

The next photos show design B.
Its hard to get the actual color correct but this shot is really close to how the finished panels look.  The next two photos are design C.

Design B and C have subtle differences and from the ground level it's hard to pick them up.  I didn't realize they were different until I started working on them.  The biggest difference between the two is the bottom section.  The first photo is for design B and the second photo is design C.