Driftwood Ceiling Project Complete

I finished the driftwood ceiling project I have been working on.  This was a big project and a big change for the home. The original wood ceiling had been a very heavy dark brown color.  The new look for the ceiling is much lighter and appropriate for the location.  The clients loved it and the look was perfect for a home on the beach here in Florida.

The first two pictures are taken from either end of the room looking down the length of the ceiling.  You can see in the center main beam an electrical outlet for the lighting.

The next three pictures were taken from lying on the floor and pointing the camera straight up.

There is still another month or two of construction work to finish up this total home makeover but it's looking great.


  1. what color did they paint the trim and walls??

    1. I am not sure of what the exact color was but it was an off white that tended to greyish and not creamish.

  2. Hi! What stain color did you use on the ceiling? Is it pine? Did you condition it first to take out the yellow?

  3. This project was all done with paint. First the ceiling was primed white then base coat painted with a light warm gray. Then i used two different colors to create the wood grain.


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