Driftwood ceiling project moving along.

The painting of the ceiling to look like driftwood job is moving along nicely.  I hope to get it mostly done tomorrow and then finish it up on Tuesday morning.  Every project has its own challenges and this one is no different.

Check out this picture below.  At one end of the room there is a stair landing.  Luckily my scaffolding fits perfectly in the space.  It was a challenge to get it in there but it fit great.  The same situation on the other side of the stairs.  I could not reach that last bay with a ladder very well at all so I am thankful the scaffolding fit.

On the other end of the room is even a bigger challenge.  Those curved steps will be fun.  A ladder is out of the question.  I can shorten up one side of the scaffolding and it should work out ok.  I'll find out tomorrow.