Faux Painting Front Doors Burnished Metallic

Well I did not get the front doors done this week, the weather (tornado warnings and all that) among some other issues slowed down the progress.  The idea is to get the doors looking like a burnished metal.  I started out with the doors black, then applied a rich gold metallic over them.  In the next two photographs you can see the contrast from the black to the gold on the same set of doors.

After the gold dried I then faux painted another layer of black over that. The next photograph shows the right side of the doors with the black applied over the gold.

It's hard enough to photograph faux finishes but with metallics it's even more of a challenge because of the way the light source hits the surface you never know how it's going to look in a picture.  However in the next photograph the doors pretty much look like this.  It is a subtle finish and the nature of a subtle finish is that it is subtle so it's hard to capture on a photo.  But the end result is looking like a burnished metal.

A veiw from almost the street level, the door on the left is complete.