Painting Front Entrance With Metallic Gold Paint

I started a new project this week.  I am applying a light faux finish with gold metallic paint on the front entrance for one of the biggest homes in the Tampa Bay area.  It's about 15,000 square feet and has a beautiful waterfront view.  The home is about 10 years old and the metal front doors became pitted and rusty from being on the salt water.  So the project was to repair the doors and recreate the original look of brushed gold metallic.

The doors are 12 feet high, only the middle two open up.

Here is the interesting thing about working with metallics.  It depends on where you stand relative to the strongest light source as to how much you will see the sheen of the metallic.  In the next picture I have painted the scroll and work on the first set of doors.  From the angle of the photograph is looks like the door on the left is not as gold as the one on the right.

So when I moved over about ten feet and took another photograph they look the same.  That's the tricky part of metallics.  It looks different from different angles.

I hope to have this project complete by the end of the week.