I Painted A Single Car Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I finished up a painting a single car garage door to look like wood this week.  This door really came out looking sweet.

You can see in the first picture that I have taped off the first two rows of panels.  I like to work on two rows at a time then move the door up and work on the bottom two rows.

The next photograph shows the door after I have finished painting all the center panels in.  Then I move the tape and paint in the areas between the panels.

 In this next photograph you can see how I am painting the horizontal space between the rows of panels.
Almost done at this point in the process.  Once the horizontal areas are painted in the only part left to paint is the vertical area on either side of the door.

As you can see from the next photograph of the door you actually have to walk right up to it to see it is not really wood.

paint a garage door to look like wood


  1. What kindo of tape did you use on the door? And which exterior paint was used and did you happen to seal it as well?

  2. I use either the yellow frog tape found at Sherwin Williams stores or the blue tape for delicate surfaces found Home Depot. I use SW Superpaint and seal with Modern Masters - Masterclear Supreme.


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