Painting Two New Front Doors To Look Like Wood

I finished up on a home remodeling job this week.  The project was to paint two new entry doors to look like wood.  I use the same painting technique on entry doors as I use when I paint garage doors to look like wood. These doors where fiberglass doors with a slight wood grain embossed on them.  So the direction of the wood grain was already established.  These doors where painted to a walnut wood tone.  In order to get that look  I used SW Toasty as a base coat of paint then SW Java for the first coat of brown color and then Turkish Coffee as the second brown color.  After that all dired well enough I sealed them with an acrylic UV top coat.

This next photo shows the door before I started.  You pretty much have to paint new doors like this because you can see the white trim color around the windows.  Then the door jam itself is sometimes a slightly different color so to get them all to match you have to paint them all the same color.  I created the walnut wood grain look on both the exterior and interior of the doors as well as the door jam.

Here is a detail of how I tape off the hinges.  The edges of the doors need to be painted too.  You can see how they have white there and that needs to painted like walnut, the same thing on all the edges.