Painting A Garage Door In Odessa, FL

I was able to start and finish painting a double car garage door to look like wood this week.  This first photo is of the door completed.  The colors I used on this door is as follows.  I used SW Toasty as the base coat of color, then I used SW Terra Brun as the first color of brown for the wood grain, then I used SW Black Bean for the second coat of wood color.  I matched the color of the garage door to the color of the colonial style shutters and front door.

The next picture shows me just getting started.  The door was painted a light yellow to match the color of the home so first thing I did was to wash the door down really well and then prime it.  After that dried I applied the Toasty color as the base coat.  The picture shows where I have just started by applying the primer.

The next day I came back and started on the wood graining process.  After I got all the center panels painted and the vertical areas between the panels painted I then start on the horizontal area between the rows of panels.  This took longer than one day but here is where I am at the beginning of the last day on the job with me starting off the day taping off the horizontal areas to get them ready to paint.

This next photograph shows a section of one of the rows.  Just look at how nice that wood grain is coming out.  It looks exactly like wood.

This last photograph is a close up the completed door.  I am really happy with this garage door and the clients really love it.


  1. Hey this looks great. What line of SW paint did you use to paint the garage door? And Did you have to seal it with anything?

    1. I use the SuperPaint and I seal it with MasterClear Supreme. Check out my tutorial, it takes you thru the entire process start to finish.

    2. Is this (MODERN MASTERS MCS90132 Clear Coat Matte) what you used?
      Or is satin better?

    3. This is modern masters masterclear I use I switched to this from the other one. This one has a green can and the other has a blue can. I switched because this one goes on a lot easier but still offers the same protection.


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