Loggerhead Turtle

I do a fair amount of one of a kind artwork projects.  This is one.  I painted a small Loggerhead Turtle sculpture that will be permanently mounted on a sign at a beach in Ft. Desoto Park, Pinellas County, Florida.  This sign will be used educate beach goers about the Loggerhead Turtle which will build nests and lay it's eggs under the sand at that beach.  The entire sign project is being put together by an outstanding young man as he pursues his ambition to become an Eagle Scout.  He has totally funded the project himself by doing work like car washes and other community type fund raisers.

The first picture is the completed piece.  I probably should have put something there to show relative size but the turtle is 18 inches front to back and 21 inches side to side on the front flippers.

This next photo is what I started out with.