Paint Kitchen Island Like A Dark Wood

This latest project was in a home that is gettting a total makeover.  The kitchen cabinets are a light mable as you can see in the two before photographs below.  The plan was to give the island a much darker color wood grain look.

I was given a sample flooring plank to match the cabinets to, you can see the plank leaning against the island.

When I do a job like this I take time and make several passes over all the surfaces.  I went over the entire island, doors both sides and drawer fronts 6 times (with 2 different colors) to get the piece looking great.  When the granite came in it made a huge difference to see the remodeled island in the kitchen.  The rest of the cabinets will remain the light mable.

By the way the new flooring that you can see in these photos is tile.  They have come such a long way in the last few years making tile look like wood.  When I first got there and saw the floor I thought it was real wood.  The individual wood/tile pieces are 5 inches wide and 4 feet long.  There are so many different grain patterns on the tile that you can not tell any repeat ones.  I had to get down and rap my knuckles on it to make sure it wasn't wood it looks that good.