Cool Idea For Fireplace

I have been creating some wood grain pieces for the interior of the big remodel job I posted about in my last post.   Let me show you a picture first.

The fireplace was existing but everything else is new.  The stack stone is new, the small tile around the fireplace is new, the hearth, the wood trim.  Those two wood pieces above the fireplace are doors that roll out to reveil a niche.  That niche is wired up for a tv.  I think it's a cool idea to have the wood doors roll to close over the opening and hide the tv.  Those wires hanging down are for some lights that will get installed.

My contribution to this area is indicated by the blue arrows.  I painted the trim pieces, the rolling doors and the 'beam' to look like wood and match to the front doors which are in the same space.

The next photo shows a closer look at the beam.  This beam had texture on it and was painted like the walls before.  So it was sanded down smooth and I painted it to look like wood.  When you look at the top photo you can see how nicely it helps to balance out that entire wall having the beam look like wood.