Faux Painting Repair In Powder Bath

I had a small job earlier this week to repair the walls in a powder bath with faux painting that had been patched.  What happened was someone was trying to find a stud in the wall and kept hammering nails above the sink to find one but ended up never finding one.  See the first picture to get a look at all the patched holes.  There is about 20 of them.  It's hard to see the holes that are in the lighter stripe.

There were some various other holes around the walls also.

The big challenge here is to match the existing colors without knowing what those colors are.  This room was faux painted years ago and there were no records of the colors used.  That is one reason I always write down the colors I use on a job.  If I ever need to go back and repair I can always look up what I had used and it makes it ten times easier.

Finding the color of the lighter stripe was much easier than the green.  The thing is with this type of repair close is not good enough, it has to be dead on so you can not tell at all any difference.  I had what I thought were greens that were close enough but I tried and tried and couldn't get it exactly.  So what I ended up doing is mixing yellow and blue together with some of the green I had and with a little white and on and on but finally got it exact.  You can not tell at all.  After it dried and was done I couldn't even find the repaired spots myself and that's what I like to have happen.